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What We Do

Lumino is a forward-thinking business, who is an innovative and disruptive player in the Audio Visual sector. We help organisations connect their customers to their brand message through immersive and highly visual content. These impactful images are dynamic, targeted and flexible.

Promote your brand message

Our solutions are focused on innovating the way our customers communicate with their customers, employees and partners through the use of the latest Audio Visual technology. This could be a display in shop windows marketing the latest special offers, a TV in a hotel bedroom promoting their bars & restaurants (before they start to watch HD TV or cast Netflix), in a stadium promoting food & beverages or playing Sky/BT Sports in the exec’ lounges or a video wall in a corporate reception creating that immediate WOW effect as people walk in.

Simplicity is at the heart of what we do

Simplicity is at the heart of our ethos. So often the industry is guilt of selling expensive solutions to make complex installations simple to use. At Lumino we just want to install solutions that are SIMPLE. Drag & drop content management systems that sit in the cloud, no set-top-boxes, no complex control systems (go wireless).

Lumino’s product and services

  • A range of displays – LED, video walls, large format displays, hospitality TV’s, interactive displays, mirror TVs, stretch displays
  • Cloud-based content management platforms (CMS)
  • Custom cases – totems, kiosks, weather-proof cases etc.
  • Media players (if required)
  • IPTV head-ends and control
  • Full range of services – design, POC’s, truly nation-wide installation and comprehensive support

Keeping your customer-facing technology current

We are challenging the need to own your AV technology with our innovative rental model. For a simple cost per display per month, we will design, implement and support your Audio Visual systems and refresh the technology every 3 to 4 years.

AV systems are evolving faster than most areas of the technology sector. AV is the most visible use of technology as it is typically in customer-facing positions and can quickly start to look out of date. By renting/leasing such technology removes large CapEx projects and importantly our contracts include a periodic technology refresh to keep your estate looking modern.

  • AV technology that is stylish, bright, high impact yet subtle and in keeping with the design of your venue/store and company image.
  • Deliver content that is impactful, engaging and immersive.
  • Provide a platform that allows you to dynamically tailor and display your brand message to an audience.
  • Keep ahead and importantly connect to the insatiable demand for consumer technology – social media, mobility and personal devices.
  • Simplify the commercial model.
  • Simplify the implementation.
  • Simplify the user experience and adoption.

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