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Digital Signage for Retail

Whether you need a couple of professional displays or digital signage for an entire chain of stores, Lumino can help.

Our managed digital signage solution gives retailers access to the latest technology from Samsung. Digital Signage enables retailers to make significant savings on print costs and the time it takes to change in store POS. Importantly use engaging moving images/video to grab attention to drive footfall and increase sales.

Lumino’s rental model removes the need for you to “own” the technology and includes options to perform a technology refresh every 3 to 4 years, without the need to budget for one-off project costs.

Simply pay a flat monthly fee (cost per TV per month) and we will work with you to keep you ahead of the technology revolution and continue to provide your customers with the “wow” factor.

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Lumino’s philosophy is always to keep it SIMPLE. Our view is it is all about your content and not about the technology. Our solutions move everything to the cloud. Manage your media assets, layouts and playlists through our cloud-based Content Management System (CMS). If you have a desktop/laptop with a web browser and know how to “drag-and-drop” and you’re up and running! There is no IT infrastructure to install in HQ or in your retail stores, we simply plug a Samsung signage display into a network connection and point it at the cloud. Our solutions remove the need for any IT infrastructure in the store or install media players and a bunch of cables.

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