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Hospitality Solutions

Digital Signage for Hotels & Hospitality

Helping hotels create an in-room media experience that keeps pace with the ever-changing demands of the consumer world.

Use the TV as a point of advertising to promote F&B spend (bar and restaurant), spa, sports facilities as well as other services such as weddings, sales conferences and of course other Group properties.

Lumino’s rental/leasing model removes the need for you to “own” the technology and includes options to perform a technology refresh every 3 to 4 years, without the need to budget for one-off project costs.

Simply pay a flat monthly fee (cost per TV per month) and we will work with you to keep you ahead of the technology revolution and continue to provide your guest with the “wow ” factor.

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Lumino & Nevaya TV

We provide a complete cloud-based Hotel TV platform. Use the stylish and intuitive interface to guide your guest through a range of entertainment services as well as guest services information to drive revenue.

  • Customise the interface with your colours, branding and images
  • Drive advertising content to drive F&B revenue
  • A wide range of TV services including, Freeview, Sky and Catch-up TV
  • Pre-home release movies
  • Streaming and casting services including Apple TV and Google Chromecast
  • Full range of head-ends including IPTV, COAX and the new Sky Brightbox

Lumino’s Google Chromecast solution NevayaCast

Lumino’s NevayaCAST is an enterprise-class solution based on a Google Chromecast device – hoteliers can now offer your guests the opportunity of casting their personal content from their Apple IOS or Android devices direct to your hotel TV.

NevayaCAST demonstrates that not all personal device solutions are complex and difficult to use.

  • Secure connection
  • No personal credentials entered onto the TV
  • Home from home experience
  • Low cost device
  • Easy to use, no need to download an app
  • Disconnects the guest at checkout

Sky TV

Lumino has teamed up with Sky to be a launch partner for the newly anticipated Sky Bright Box hospitality solution that offers the guest an unprecedented ‘Home from Home’ HD TV experience. We worked closely with Sky to install the Brightbox into 4 hotels as part of their Beta phase of launch. Lumino is an approved partner to advise you on your Sky Select subscription – so that Lumino can be the one point of contact for all your Hotel TV needs.

This is an enterprise-class head-end using the same technology that has been used in 100,000’s of hotel rooms in the US. It removes the need for a third-party head-end and stack of domestic Sky boxes, or the management overhead of a Sky box per room. It provides the opportunity to distribute the highest number of HD premium channels around your hotel. The Sky Connect head-end is aggressively priced and could potentially save you considerable CapEx expenditure.

  • Delivers a true home from home experience
  • The highest number of HD channels available
  • Fully integrates with hotel TV CMS platforms
  • Coax and IP flexibility suiting your needs
  • Easy integration with existing infrastructure
  • Significantly more HD channels compared to Freeview

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