Iceland Foods has been on a phenomenal journey of growth since the first store opened in 1970. However, with discount supermarkets increasingly snipping at Iceland Foods’ heels, the food retailer decided to take matters into its own hands. In a bid to grow and diversify its expanding customer base, and entice more discerning shoppers into the store, the business undertook an extensive refurbishment programme to modernise a significant number of its 900 stores.

The refurbishment was about introducing fresh, bold colours and concepts to create a more memorable shopping experience; as well as introducing new technologies to modernise the shopping experience; in particular, driving efficiencies in how the store communicates deals to its customers.

Choosing to work with Lumino and our partners Samsung’s and Signagelive was, therefore, a testament to our collective ability to work with forward-thinking retailers to deliver the most innovative digital display solutions in the market.

Iceland worked with Lumino to provide a range of custom-built digital signage and display solutions. The team replaced the famous Iceland deals posters in the shop front windows with two sets of high quality back to back screens mounted in customised metal casing. They also installed bespoke digital signage above the end of aisle freezers to promote the latest deals.

These display solutions have revolutionised the way Iceland communicates with its customers, allowing their head office to nimble and highly targeted with special deals that fit the demographic, season, time of day or any special occasion. These solutions also helped contribute to the modernisation of Iceland stores, bringing the shopping experience right up-to-date and luring new customers through the door.

“Iceland Foods worked with Lumino AV and our partners Samsung and Signagelive to provide a range of custom-built digital signage and display solutions.”

Innovation in action

Iceland has never been a company to shy away from bold campaigns or initiatives and always hailed itself as being a consumer champion in the food retail market. It’s maintained this personality by successfully evolving over the years, updating its brand image and attracting new customers through the door.

Choosing to work with Lumino and our key partners Samsung and Signagelive was, therefore, a testament to our collective ability to work with forward-thinking retailers to deliver the most innovative digital display solutions in the market.

“What has been particularly rewarding for the Lumino team, is we have been a key component of a broader transformational strategy, rather than simply delivering a discrete AV project. Seeing the impact the store refits is having on their business and hearing the feedback direct from Iceland’s customers, has been fantastic. It has been a real team effort. We have worked closely, Iceland, their other contractors and of course our key partners, Samsung and Signagelive”. There is a real pride in the project and a can-do attitude. It’s a lot of hard work, but a lot of fun too.” – Ian Scott (Managing Director)

The Solution

he technologies that were installed include:

  • Back to back screens in the shop window are of the highest quality, with the outward high bright facing screens durable in any sunlight environment to get noticed
  • Installed a complete, cloud-based content management system (Signagelive) giving Iceland total control of individual or group screens, allowing the central team to push new content instantly across selected stores or to the whole retail network
  • A fully bespoke solution for Iceland including the customised casing for the screens to ensure robustness whilst being aesthetically pleasing and eye-catching

The solutions installed have the ability to directly impact the commercial success of Iceland:

  • Each screen can feature multiple deal rotations, an improvement on the printed posters which may have only allowed for 4-6 static promotions at any one time
  • The digital signage opens up additional revenue opportunities for Iceland by selling space to brands to promote their deals

The digital signage deployment is not just a project running in isolation, it is an integral part of Iceland’s broader transformation of the way they are perceived on the high street and is considered by them as a key component in the highly successful refurbishment project.

Evidence of Success

  • Footfall is up across all refurbished stores
  • Turnover up 120 – 150% in the refurbished stores
  • Clapham store, which was the first to be made over, recorded a 700% increase in sales of Coconut Water after featuring the deal on display screens in the shop front

Positive feedback from Neil Hayes, Marketing Director, Iceland Foods Ltd:

“Taking on digital signage and display screens was a big step forward for Iceland and we’re pleased to say it’s paid off as part of our general refurbishment programme. As this was in many ways an experiment for Iceland, Lumino and their partners were very supportive in working with us to find the right solutions, creating favourable terms on which to do business and access equipment readily. Our customers have been full of praise for the refurbed stores and love the modernity and convenience that the screens add to their shopping experience.”

Key Benefits

The refurbishments have been hugely successful for Iceland, by not only attracting a cohort of new customers into Iceland stores but also creating a new experience and a better customer journey at our stores.

Key benefits of Lumino’s digital signage and display solutions for Iceland include:

  • Creating a modern look and feel in Iceland stores with   beautiful lifestyle images as well as bold,  eye-catching content
  • Raise awareness to the current as well as a new demographic of customers, highlighting the great range and value at Iceland. This resulted in a change of perceptions and footfall increase.
  • Implemented a tailored communication plan that utilises the window displays, by promoting great value deals that drive footfall and sales
  • Reducing colleagues time by eradicated the need for Iceland’s staff to put up and take down paper posters Reducing production and distribution costs as posters no longer have to be dispatched in the post. This also eliminates the  risk of missing deliveries
  • Better for the environment with less paper wastage and road miles, which are usually incurred with the dissemination of paper poster
  • Greater prospect for Iceland to sell advertising space to in-store brands, allowing them to promote their products above freezer cabinet
  • Opportunity to push home deliveries by displaying the next available home delivery slot as they approach the till. This can be updated in real time

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